About SNNPRS Revenue Authority

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To fasten the regional Social and Economic Development, built tax system of reliable base, invulnerable for Corruption risks and that offer fast and good service for regional society and wish to see tax payer society that pay tax in his motivation.


Collecting a reliable revenue that can be applied for the region's development by:

  • building the authority's capacity
  • creating a modern,transparent and accountable revenue system
  • developing the tax payer's knowledge so that they fulfill their duty by their own motivation. 

To fasten regional development to create income potential of reliable base: To educate tax payer societies about tax duty and benefits so as to build up that they pay taxes in their own motivation. Based on tax law and regulation to make tax assessment and collection; following and investigating the performance, prevent ethical problems.Accomplishing studies that generate other income source, to execute it. To implement modernized data Collection and organization system.


  • Arrange conditions for the regional revenue to be planned and collected on time efficiently in a good way, 
  • To deploy inspection and follow up systems in favorable situation, collecting income on time , plan income collection system,and act on the target plan and checking income system how it is performed.
  • By studying tax pay individual, pay tax by there own enhancement, generate another income generating tasks by performing are search and implementing the researcher output. data encoding and generating information ,creating a good and favorable working situation for thus individual and organization how wants a services.


  •  Leads the overall tax administration system in the region, induces reform ideas, and executes.
  • Performs tax assessment, and also collects tax and duties according to rules and regulations.
  • Studying new income sources, improves the regional revenue potential.
  • Controls illegal beneficiary links between tax payers and tax collectors.
  • Educates tax payers so as to accomplish their duty.
  • Prepares explanations tax rules and regulations and distribute them.
  • In collaboration with concerned bodies, studies and studied the regional tax conditions.
  • Accomplish other tasks that help to execute its objective.
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